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Tricks and Treats
A four-week class designed specifically for learning tricks and having fun!
Requirements: Dogs must have basic obedience skills, Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations, and free of fear and aggression.

* Moose Jaw








Around Town
A four-week class designed to help dogs practice their obedience training and good manners in multiple environments around the city. We will visit two locations per class. (You are responsible for providing transportation for you and your dog.)
Requirements: Dogs must have basic puppy or obedience training. Dogs must be up to date on vaccinations, and free of aggression. Limit 4 dogs/class.
Every Location

Around Town Students




You can do this from ANYWHERE. As long as you have the internet.

We are ONLY accepting 15 students. DO NOT WAIT

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PUPPIES are not meant to be hard, but they sure can be. Did you know they go through stages just like human kids? Teething, fear periods etc, and what happens during those stages could set them up for success or failure for the rest of their lives.

We are not big fans of puppy group classes, NO TWO PUPPIES ARE ALIKE, also, puppies shouldn't be playing with every other dog in the room, (that is not proper socialization), we will teach you how to still get socialized (properly) without joining a puppy class for one hour a week, IN FACT your puppy will be more socialized and STILL LISTEN TO YOU when other dogs are around... (it's like magic) We created this program which is EASY TO FOLLOW, allows for peer support, has numerous trainers involved, and still addresses all of the puppy issues one may encounter.

You will have weekly if not daily vidoes, can as questions ANYTIME you want or have one, will have peer support through the other members, and its for SIX MONTHS... did i say it lout enough for the fella's in the back... 🗣 IT IS FOR SIX WHOLE MONTHS.

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WHY WOULD YOU PAY $120-$150 for 6 weeks, get cookie cutter information that is not for YOUR pup, but for the general public, ONLY get an hour a week of trainer time (maybe 15 mins per puppy per class on your own dog) when you can do SIX MONTHS FOR $200? It's a no brainer to me!

*I will tell you, there is homework invovled. This is a program for people that WANT their puppies to succeed, it is NOT for people that think magic happens...it doesn't. But you will come out of this more knowledgable in every area of your pup.

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in this group only:


double BONUS: K9 NUTRTION, from a certified K9 nutrition coach.

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