Approach and Values

This is what sets us apart from other trainers and companies, we focus on building relationships between dogs and their owners.  We concentrate on motivating our dogs through the power of play which makes our dogs WANT to train with us, and makes training much more enjoyable for both parties.

One thing we encourage and teach others to do is to move their training outside of their living room and outside of a training class. 


All of us a CDN K9 strongly believe in taking a Least Invasive Minimally Aversive (LIMA) approach to all of our training.  These are the ideals we live by, work by, and the way in which we will help you.  

For further details on what this approach means, we refer you to the detailed description on the website for the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.  (IAABC)


While we follow their guiding principals, we are not a part of the IAABC at this time. 

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