When you come to class:

CDN K9 thanks you for choosing to join us on your training journey. We look forward to seeing your progress and watching you change the relationship you have with your dog. 


We want you to have the BEST experience and suggest you follow these tips:


  • Please wear comfortable clothes and footwear to class (e.g. runners, sweats or jeans and a comfortable top). It is not possible to train effectively when you are uncomfortable – the feeling transmits to your dog.

  • Please DO NOT feed your dog a meal prior to coming to class. If your class is at 1pm, your dog will NOT need breakfast. If your class is at 7pm please do not feed your dog lunch or supper. A hungry dog will WORK for their meal in class much better than a full dog will.

  • Please bring FABULOUS treats. Dried liver is fabulous. Or ask for our homemade Treats recipe, or order some from us.

  • If you normally wear a halti, prong collar, etc. please BRING it to class. However we also ask that you bring a flat collar and a regular (NOT EXTENDI) leash.

  • Bring your dog’s FAVOURITE toys in a non-transparent bag (so other dogs don’t see it).


When you get to class, please do not let your dog interact with other dogs; there is a time and place and we will do it properly. Please find a spot and sit down with your dog, and relax until we get started. 

CDN K9 Phone: 306-529-9962  Email: info@cdnk9.com

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