Jesse Boss

Moose Jaw & Online

Three years ago Jesse decided to start pursuing her dream career in K9 training and enrolled in the Animal Behavior College out of California and started the journey that would change her life forever!  


Shortly after enrolling she got her first dog and met with a few trainers, not finding a trainer that met her needs or the style she wanted to continue with she kept on the search of finding the 'right' trainer, after being recommended to CDN K9 she met trainer Sheena and was introduced to a new style of learning/training that focused on play, building trust and a relationship with your K9, as well as building confidence in your dog.


After seeing great results with this new style, Jesse then started following and studying training styles that focused on motivation and engagement, knowing this was how she wanted to train her clients as well.


Shortly after graduation she had the opportunity to go to L.A. and work with a top trick trainer from America's Got Talent! Now she has a skill set not only to teach obedience and raise puppies properly but she can also train performance level tricks and is making great strides in disc with her Malinois, Ruby and loves teaching classes!

Jesse is so happy to be part of CDN K9, and everything they stand for, she recognizes the rewards for families really knowing their dog, and learning how to train them in a style that everyone will enjoy including the dog. 

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