K9 Bootcamps & Retreats

CDN K9 can come to your community to offer our signature pop-up K9 Bootcamp! We offer our K9 Bootcamps around Saskatchewan and the western Canadian provinces. Each 2 hour K9 Bootcamp offers you an opportunity to strengthen your bond with your dog, to learn and practice training techniques, obedience and good manners, and have some fun playing games! 

To arrange a K9 Bootcamp in your community, please contact CND K9. Please note, a minimum number of registrants will be required. 

K9 Bootcamps

CDN K9 Weekend Retreat

We understand that dogs are family, and we want to bring you family activities you can enjoy with your k9 companions, that's why we created the annual CDN K9 Retreat. 3 days of fun, that your dog can be part of. Everything from fishing, swimming, hiking, campfires, K9 classes, to lounging around the beach and cooking is all done with your dog in mind.


Join us and 10 other well behaved canines, for this exclusive experience. 

CDN K9 Phone: 306-529-9962  Email: info@cdnk9.com

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