Sheena Dreger  (Moose Jaw)

Sheena Dreger is a certified canine groomer, certified holistic health coach (specializing in canine health), Certified in Canine nutrition, has been involved in canine and feline rescue, rehab and rehabilitation and has also been training dogs for over a decade, Sheena is currently working on 2 training certifications.  
Sheena has 4 dogs altogether, Karma (Dutch Shepherd), Siri (German Shepherd), Nika (Belgian Malinois), and Ghost, a young Belgian Malinois.
Sheena noticed a lack of REAL LIFE K9 TRAINING, in her city and province and wanted to bring that to her clients, and help dog owners understand that training isn't just in a classroom. 
Sheena is known for her innovative class ideas such as "around town", "kids and k9's", distance online training classes, and her internship program - helping upcoming trainers gain experience and build their business. 
"I want our clients to enjoy their dogs all the time, not just in a training setting, and how else can you do that unless you teach them real world skills?  We saw the need for this, and are working hard at developing programs for our clients to succeed in the classroom, but more so out of the classroom, I want clients to love being with their dogs in every setting." 
Call me for one on one training, therapy dog training, or Service Dog training.  I am happy to help you or guide you in the right direction.    306-529-9962  and
I am also the Prairie Raw - Natural Dog Food   DISTRIBUTOR for MJ and Regina

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