Cancellation Policy

Scheduling: Please make every effort to schedule your evaluation or training appointment for a day and time that will work for you. Once an appointment is booked, unless we hear otherwise, we expect you to be there. Please, no electronic devices, harnesses, retractable leashes, or gentle leaders at evaluations, semi-private or private sessions, or group classes.

We must be able to contact you: We require a working cell phone number with voicemail that you check regularly and a current working email address so we can confirm your evaluation and private or semi-private training appointments, send text reminders, and inform you of schedule changes and unforeseen emergencies, as needed. If we call you, it’s important that you get back to us to confirm your appointment. Our phone lines are answered 24 hours a day and voicemail messages are time-stamped. If we attempt to contact you and don’t hear back from you, we reserve the right to give your time slot to another client who needs the appointment. If you feel there’s a chance you’ll be unable to keep your evaluation or training appointment for any reason, please don’t schedule one until you’re certain about your plans, childcare arrangements, etc.


Cancellation and no-show: We are unable to place “reminder calls” to all clients with appointments, though we do send reminder texts to working cell phone numbers prior to your appointment. We may or may not call to confirm your semi-private or private training session, and need to hear back from you if we do call. Not getting your confirmation email, reminder call, or reminder text message from CDN K9® is not a valid reason to no-show. Whether or not we’re able to reach you to confirm your appointment, we expect you to show up or to cancel with a full 48-hour notice. If you’re unable to keep your evaluation or training appointment for any reason, we require a full 48-hour notice by telephone to both your trainer and the office.  If you choose to not continue your training, there will be no refund unless agreed upon prior to cancellation.  Your sessions will not expire, but you will not be given a monetary refund. 

Please call and email BOTH your assigned trainer and the office to cancel and/or reschedule a semi-private or private appointment. Do not “text” your request to cancel or reschedule. If you are a no-show or fail to cancel by phone in time, your training session will be forfeited. In the event of a true emergency, please contact your trainer and the office immediately. We will handle your situation on a case-by-case basis. Lack of childcare, getting stuck in traffic, and failure to check emails and/or text messages are not valid reasons to miss your appointment.


Our Cancellation Policy allows us sufficient time to contact another client who may be waiting for a training session. Without adequate notice from you, we’re unable to contact other clients on our waiting list who may want your training time slot. If your training session is included in a package or gift certificate, failure to cancel by phone without a 48-hour notice will void that session.

Lateness: Clients who arrive late for evaluations and semi-private or private training sessions may have a shorter appointment time. Late arrivals who choose not to evaluate or train will forfeit their evaluation fee or training session. If the evaluator has an open evaluation slot the same day, those who arrive late may be asked to either wait or return later in the day.

Arrival at group class: Please arrive no more 15 minutes before group classes and no later than 5 minutes after class begins. If you arrive late to a group class, please do not disrupt the class or interrupt the trainer with questions until after the class.

Handlers who participate in group classes may not use electronic devices during training. Cell phones must be turned off or silenced. Please, no harnesses, retractable leashes, or gentle leaders at evaluations, semi-private or private sessions, or at group classes. Do not bring children, guests, or other dogs to group classes.


Rainy day policy: for group classes NOT held at our indoor facility: If it’s raining the day of an outdoor class, the class will be held indoors at our training facility.  If the trainer you are working with does not have indoor space, the session will be rebooked. 


Dogs in heat are not allowed in the facility, day camp, or in group classes for a minimum of 21 days. No exceptions.

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