Seminar for Hire

Our  Education Program is specifically tailored to your business and the needs of your clients and staff.  If you own a grooming salon or doggy daycare, or even a veterinary clinic, we make sure the presentation and hand outs specifically meet your needs.  If you have staff with no experience or lots of experience, they will take something away from this course.  

Certification of completion will be handed out for the establishment as well.

Educational Seminar

Kids &


Kids and K9's is an interactive 1 hour info session that gets your kids invovled in all things D-O-G.   From proper ways to interact, to grooming your dogs (brushing), holding a leash, seeing a dog approaches you (what do you do?) What do you do if you see a dog in a vest? What kinds of jobs can dogs have?  How to ask to pet a dog.

This fun class will prepare your kids or classroom if they see a dog that isn't theirs. 

*If you find your child or daycare is having issues with your K9 and interacting appropriately, please contact us for a one on one session. 

*Classes may vary depending on location

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